About Us

In today’s world of globalization and highly competitive business world, success is not just about academic accomplishments, technical skills and experience. Your self confidence in expressing your attitude, competence, credibility, professionalism and status together with a good self-esteem and self-image of yourself is extremely vital in giving you that extra edge when it matters most. Therefore, developing your self-confidence and self-esteem by improving your personal image through good personal grooming & social etiquette can help you compete successfully in this highly competitive environment.

After having conducted a reality based survey we found out that most of our youth(may they be students or professionals), instead of following their passion and natural instinct, follow either their close mates or a general trend prevalent in the society, which ultimately, leaves them nowhere but into frustrations, when they opt to enter into the practical life. Whereas, to compete in today’s high merit market, one needs to know how to hit the right target, and that is where www.careercounselling.pk comes.

Who We Are

We are Human Capital Developer and by all means we are out here to assist everyone who needs our help about issues related to academics, counseling on career progression, psychological issues, social issues, workplace bullying and the routine life issues (the run-time errors). We are here to assist parents, students, professionals and everyone else who needs us.

Our Aims

Our aim is to be that soft shoulder on which one can depend to share the life’s bothersome part with a confidence to get a sane and practical advice in return.


One, simply, has to click onto, “click here for free advice” button, write down the issue faced in the prescribed form and our expert(s) will respond you back thru an email keeping confidentiality above everything.

Besides sharing your issues thru an email, we created live chat rooms respectively, where you can have a live chat with mindalike peers, mentors, professionals etc. to get an insight on your current and recurring issues. No religious, political and indecent chats would be allowed.

Admin(s) reserve the right to expel anyone from the chat room who uses abusive language or shows insolent behavior toward others.



We have been guiding our youth and the young professionals on practical aspects of life and providing free individual and group career counselling services around Pakistan through online queries, emails, phone calls, one-on-one sessions, presentations etc. with an evaluation in thought process, it was decided to make available a platform where anyone from anywhere can communicate to us and amongst to get the issues and problems addressed and that gave way to www.careercounselling.pk.

We do it all for free and as a social responsibility, in return, we ask you to donate any amount which shall further be utilized to arrange collective counseling and guidance events at multiple venues in different cities to make our youth and young professionals aware of the tools and techniques they need to excel, become a success and to contribute towards the positive civility.


  • Personality Development Issues
  • Career Development Issues
  • Psycho-Social Issues
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Run Time Errors (Routine Life Issues)