Career Counselling for Adults

Career counselling for adults is an important part of life planning. It helps people understand how to build a successful career that will allow them to live a fulfilling life. Why should I consider career counselling? A career counsellor can help you identify what kind of work you enjoy doing and what skills you need […]

Top 10 Career counselling Websites in Pakistan

What is Career Counselling ? Career Counselling is basically the structural method of providing professional guidance to individuals to make better career decisions in areas  of  their interest. Career counselling makes the frustrating career picking stage  much easier .Career development is more than just deciding on a major and what job you want to get […]

How Career Counselling Services Identify the Right Career Path

Finding a satisfying career path has become a challenge for anyone. Most people are either dissatisfied with their present jobs or do not recognise their potential career paths. People should choose jobs that motivate them to constantly learn and perform. Career counselling services can help. How can a counsellor help? Career counsellors suggest clear career [...]

Educational & Career Counselling/ Assessment

Educational counseling, the counseling specially concerned with providing advice and assistance to students in the development of their educational plans, choice of appropriate courses, and choice of college or technical school etc. Career Counseling is a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make […]

Is Career Counselling Really Necessary?

Career counselling involves guiding and providing expert advice to young career professionals as they journey through several stages of their career and find themselves making those crucial career decisions. This might include choosing a job, building a personal brand, developing your skills and so much more. There are many benefits that come with career counselling. [...]


Oxford Dictionaries define line manager as, “A person with direct managerial responsibility for a particular employee or a manager involved in running the main business activities of a company”.     The business Dictionary states, “A manager who heads a revenue-generating department and is responsible for achieving an organization’s main objectives by executingfunctions such as policy making, target setting, decision making”. Wikipedia defines it as, “In corporate hierarchy, a Line Manager holds authority in [...]