Past Events

International Conference on Intelligence and Safety for Robotics

Start date: April 20, 2020
End date: April 26, 2020
Location: Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

International Conference on Intelligence and Safety for Robotics will provide the exchange of ideas, knowledge between the different disciplines for facilitating research, interdisciplinary collaborations focusing on Intelligence and Safety for Robotics. It focuses more on recent advancements in the field of Intelligence and Safety for Robotics in treating the world with their research ideas. We invite you to join us in the mission & take a step ahead along towards finding the greatest approach to create the world a better place.

Standup Comedy

Start date: April 19, 2020
End date: April 23, 2020
Location: Islamabad

Event Head:
• Name:M. Usama Bilal
• Contact:0311 7219776
 Deputy Head:
• Name: Ahmer rajput
• Contact: 03100177211
 Rules:
1. Comedy should only be in Urdu language. Other languages are not allowed
2. Double meaning jokes and abusive language is strictly prohibited and participant will be disqualified immediately.
3. A maximum of 7 minutes will be given to each participants.
5. Each participant will have to perform on a video meeting on zoom and will also record that meeting too.
6. Online voting will also be done on Facebook in which 30% will be the votes of people and Remaining 70% will be judgment of the judges.
7. Event head will be allowed to disqualify any of the participant.
8. Decision of judges will be final.
9. Every participant will be given certificates.